Passion for the art of audio drives my persistence to an unimaginable correlation of space & time.

This studio has assisted many prestigious artists incliding Jay Sean (Young Money Rec), Dj Flipside (B96/ Jump Smokers), Raghav (Ultra Rec), Fabulous (Def Jam Rec), and many more.


We offer expert mastering and engineering using legendary analog and digital equipment. We will take your final audio recording and apply professional mastering techniques using high end equipment.

Multitrack Recording

Multitrack recording, pioneered by Les Paul, has become central to the way music is recorded today.

Sound Design

Utilize our expertise for film, television production, video game development, theatre, sound recording and reproduction, live performance, sound art, post-production, radio and musical instrument development.


Many world renowned artists utilize the creative music production offered by Peter Madana to ensure an amazing finished product.